HomeGoods Style Quiz

Okay I’m not gonna lie – I’m in the midst of finishing up final projects and studying for exams and I’m TOTALLY procrastinating. But I just spent the last 3 hours working pretty much straight through and I needed a break…so I was browsing the HomeGoods Page – I like the inspiration posts they put up – and I saw their “Find My Style” quiz. Apparently my style is “Country Classic.” This is what it had to say…

You have a naturally refined sensibility with an appreciation for tradition and history. You value beauty, craftsmanship, and family heirlooms, but you like to open things up with pretty, easy-going pieces like painted wood or distressed furniture, lovely florals and other patterns, and bunches of fresh flowers that give your home a breezy, relaxed feeling. You love unique finds, have a thrifty, creative side, and can make these things work together.

You value order. You feel happiest if your home is well organized. You understand that when your house is in order, your mind feels clearer. Rather than a lot of meaningless objects or overly-designed items, you are happier with a few well-placed things. Your home is your respite from a busy life. Try to avoid letting things into your home that you don’t really love.

Not bad – pretty close to me! It also offers some “Style Tips” based on your quiz results and also offers a color palette that might interest you. To be honest I wasn’t too fond of the color palette…It’s kind of drab…

Oh well, this was a good waste of 20 minutes!

Take the HomeGoods Style Quiz here.

Bedroom Boredom

I’ve struggled with the status of my bedroom for awhile now. I had some cheapy furniture when I moved in, like this awful dresser from Target that didn’t have enough space, constantly had dressers coming off the rails, the bottoms of the drawers falling out, and just generally pissed me off:

It was also serving the function of being my TV stand for the bedroom. Next to it I had a small cube shelf that was holding various belongings and just generally looking like it was in complete disarray. So I started by replacing it with the dresser I made over and shared with you guys in a previous post. Well that took care of some of the storage issue, but I still needed some more storage and somewhere to put the TV! And then I came across the armoire on Craigslist.  I mean, really, Craigslist is just freaking amazing!!!! For next to nothing, I got a solid wood, beautifully painted armoire:

Conveniently enough, the color matches my bed PERFECTLY, which until recently was the only thing about my bedroom that I really liked:

Pardon my messy bed…

So with the dresser and the armoire, the room is finally starting to feel more put together. At the time I was putting this together, there were still no window treatments, and the walls look pretty bare. Although that lamp next to the armoire? I’m obsessed with it. I had another floor lamp but for some reason it just snapped in half when I tried to move it. It was a hand me down, so I wasn’t too upset, but still, what kind of lamp just snaps in half?!

Anyway, I got a little punchy while putting my new lamp together:


Anyway, I still have a few more things to take care of, but I promise to share with you when I manage to get the room to something resembling “done.” :)

From Shabby to Chic – A Dresser Makeover

I’m sorry I’ve been away. I was doing so well there, posting so regularly…but I had been taking some time off from working. And if you follow my twitter page, you know that in the last few weeks I’ve started a new job, and if you’re a regular follower you know that I really “enjoy” working ridiculous hours with very few days off. :) Yes, I’ve taken yet another job that completely consumes my life and so far, I’m happy.

There will have to be some adjustments in a month or so, since I will also be going back to school! Io Triumphe!!

While I completed 4 years of college, I never actually finished my degree – I was short a few units at the end and I never even bothered with my thesis. I had a hard time with a excess of “personal issues” during school, so when I got to the end of my senior year, I kind of gave up. Returning to school was always in the back of my mind, but I was working and living my life, and I seemed to be doing okay. It came up in the forefront though, when I was re-applying for jobs. The economic decline since I’ve been out of school has created greater competition for work. As a result everyone wants you to have an undergraduate degree at a minimum. Well I pretty much did all the work, I just don’t have the paper that says so. BUT that’s not enough for some potential employers-even if I have all the requisite work experience. It was getting frustrating. And then my sister graduated, and I was so proud, and it was such an awesome feeling seeing her get her diploma, I figured if I felt that good about my SISTER graduating, it would be amazing to just finally do it myself. I’m excited and nervous, and honestly I feel like an old fart. All this stuff has changed – the registration process and the email platform and everything. I was online trying to figure it out and was just so confused. I at one point emailed my advisor telling her, “This must be what my grandpa feels like when he’s using the internet.”

Regardless, I’m now more or less registered for classes and I will once again be a student. Wish me luck with that!! But that’s not why y’all come to hang out here. So I’m going to treat you all to a dresser makeover. More after the jump…