Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar…and the Ballet

So you all know I take my time about posting things…what are you going to do?


This has been one of the best summers I’ve had in a long time, and one of the reasons is there were a lot of really awesome nights…like when Shauna of The Minty invited me to go to the ballet with her. We decided to meet for happy hour first at Blue Cow Kitchen. I don’t spend a ton of time downtown, so I had never been there, but I trusted her excellent Minty taste and I was not disappointed.

I’m not going to lie, we spent a little more than I am accustomed to paying for happy hour, BUT this is totally a case of you get what you pay for. They source locally and sustainably – listing the farms they use  on their website, and all menu items are thoughtfully and carefully crafted.

What we had:

Jamie’s Gin – Clove infused gin, thyme simple syrup, citrus, star anise (This was Shauna’s drink)

Old Fashioned on Tap – pecan infused woodford reserve whiskey with vanilla bean simple syrup, whiskey barrel bitters, lemon, orange peel

Pink Eggs & Ham – beet marinated deviled eggs with mendocino mustard, double smoked bacon & candied jalapenos. So precious. And tasty!

Picnic Country Fried Chicken – buttermilk fried mary’s chicken, mustard pickle slaw, pimento cheese on mini hawaiian rolls

Short Rib Sliders – braised short rib, cave aged gruyere & winter mushrooms on dolce forno soft roll with horseradish crème fraiche & caramelized onion au jus

Pitman Farm’s Duck Wings – confit & then grilled with an aji amarillo glaze, japanese cucumbers & sesame-ginger dipping sauce (PS be advised…while totally delicious, these have a KICK!)

Grilled Purple Cauliflower – miso romesco

I would definitely go again. Totally worth it – too bad I try to avoid downtown…

Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon
350 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 621-2249

We had a great time at the ballet too – Alzono King’s LINES and Hubbard Street. I’m a total balletomane these days so I really appreciated it. Plus now that I’ve been taking classes for some time, I have an even greater appreciation and a better understanding of what kind of dance I like and don’t like and a clear and enlightened understanding of technique. Seeing this performance with that mindset was so different than previous ballets I have been to where I was just “watching the pretty dancers.” Thanks again, Shauna!

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