The Best Chocolate I Ever Ate and Going Home – Princeton Days 3.2 and 4.0

So Palmer Square is down the street from Princeton University, and outside of maybe the chocolate and ice cream shop, it’s one of those places that you really wouldn’t find the average, broke, university student. It’s more of a place where the…um…more monetarily endowed people who live in the town or tourists might shop. There’s a Kate Spade, and Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, LuLu Lemon, Ralph Lauren…well, you get the idea.

HOWEVER, my sister had been talking about Thomas Sweet Chocolates in Palmer Square for like the entire time we were there, but for some reason every time we tried to go over there it was closed. After the celebratory dinner at Nassau Sushi we decided to give it another shot, and lucky for us, they were open! Roger’s mother was very kind and very generously purchased us some chocolates. Like many other high end chocolate places you can pick different chocolates and then you pay by the weight. However, I went Salted Caramel through and through, since those are what my Amanda had been raving about, and well, she did not lead me astray. They were delicious!!!

Now, their website doesn’t have an option to order online (although they SHOULD -*hint hint*), but the lovely sales girl when we were in there said if we called they could probably ship something to us. :) They also had a very lovely looking ice cream shop ON Nassau that I didn’t try but my sister said it was very good and they serve VERY generous portions.

Thomas Sweet
(609) 683-1655
33 Palmer Sq W
Princeton, NJ 08542
Thomas Sweet on Urbanspoon

Bent Spoon Logo - Pulled from Urban Spoon - Posted by Gilbert Appleby

If you are you looking for ice cream IN Palmer Square however you should check out the Bent Spoon – I didn’t actually go in, but they make all their own ice cream and rotate their flavors every week. My sister and grandpa and dad got some ice cream and I sampled their’s and let me tell you, I was BLOWN AWAY by the coconut ice cream. So if you have it and you are there, do NOT hesitate to check it out!!

Bent Spoon
(609) 924-2368
35 Palmer Sq W
Princeton, NJ 08542
Bent Spoon on Urbanspoon

Then it was time to go home. And it was kind of sad. Except that on the Jersey Turnpike on the way back to EWR there’s a rest stop with a Nathan’s Famous…you know, the kind of hot dogs that made Takeru Kobayashi famous? Yeehaw! Sodalicious!! :) Now I’m sure it’s nowhere the same as eating them at Coney Island, but I’m sure it’s not a bad second place…

Nathan’s Famous
New Jersey Turnpike
Grover Cleveland Service Area
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Amanda could not have possibly accumulated more stuff (read: crap) in the 4 years she was at Princeton. Even after shipping 4 boxes and a non-TSA approved suitcase home, she still brought ALL of THIS to the airport (and yes, Dad had to pay extra because her bag was over-weight):

We had a great flight home….

And then Amanda promptly passed out when we got home – I guess 4 years at Princeton wears you out…

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