Graduation and Nassau Sushi – Princeton Day 3.1

Yes I realize this particular series of posts is taking me a long time. But it doesn’t make me any less proud of the whole reason for this series:

Yes, Amanda is now officially a graduate of Princeton University in Molecular Biology. Smarty-pants. But let me tell you, despite how much big sister pride I had, I was MISERABLE at the ceremony. It felt like it was a million degrees outside with 100% humidity (and I will say, that although I exaggerate only SLIGHTLY – there was an excessive heat warning that day). So while I am not a frequenter of college graduations, I am sure we will all be attending one or more in the future, and here are some helpful hints (also known as things I should have thought about before Amanda’s grad ceremony)

Christina’s Tips for Surviving a College Graduation Ceremony

1.) Stay hydrated!! It will be hot – Graduations are usually in May/June when it is starting to warm up and most, if not all college ceremonies are outside. Princeton had set up a table with tons of water coolers and cups, but the supply was depleted very early on. I had thought to bring a small bottle from the hotel, but it was definitely not enough. At some point I realize it becomes impractical, but try and bring at least one bottle of water with you.

2) WEAR SUNSCREEN. Yeah. Two weeks of peeling skin. Gross. I would also suggest wearing a hat – especially if you are of the thinner or shorter haired population, or if you’re wearing a part in your hair.

3) Bring a hand-held fan. I totally thought about this before we left and then forgot. My grandma brought a really pretty one, and it was a blessing. I wish I hadn’t forgot mine.

4) Coordinate a meeting place with your graduate ahead of time. We didn’t do this. Luckily my sister had brought her cellphone with her, but even still, it was so loud and hard to hear her. We managed to figure out where she was and headed over there to take lots of pictures (leading me to #5)

5) Bring a camera! And make sure it has charged batteries and PLENTY of space on your memory card, or film if your old school. If you’re any kind of happy that your son/daughter/niece/nephew/brother/sister/grandchild/etc. has graduated you’re going to be taking LOTS of pictures.

Post Ceremony
Of course, we fully expected to go to dinner in the evening to celebrate. Amanda made reservations for us and her boyfriend and his parents to eat dinner at Nassau Sushi. Interestingly enough it’s called Nassau Sushi, but they also serve Korean food. AND they used to be called Nassau Bagel and Sushi, just to make it more confusing…but anyway, they were very accommodating and the food was good. We mostly went with the Korean options, since we’d had Japanese fare the night before:

Gyoza appetizer

Fried soft shell crab appetizer

Kimchee pancake


Udon - I think this also came with some tempura

Kimchee Jigae - This was actually the better of several shots...There was just SO much steam! My dish was like 30,000 degrees when it came out! I don't think you can tell here, but it was crazy bubbling when they brought it out too...


This is another place where the dining room is rather small, but they definitely take reservations so I would recommend making them.

Nassau Sushi
(609) 497-3275
179 Nassau St
Princeton, NJ 08544
Nassau Sushi on Urbanspoon

8 thoughts on “Graduation and Nassau Sushi – Princeton Day 3.1

  1. Makoto Yamasaki says:

    Tip #6 — If you pick your seating based on the availability of shade, anticipate the rotation of the earth during the ceremony.

  2. KT @ KT's Refinishing School says:

    Those are some great tips!

    I am going to invent a special sort of sunscreen for your hair that you spray in (and doesn’t leave it all sticky and gross) to avoid burned parts–that hurts SO bad!

    Congrats to Amanda! What a great accomplishment!

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