Mo C Mo C – Princeton Day 2.3

On night two, Amanda took us to this TINY little sushi place called Mo C Mo C. A play on words – Moshi Moshi is the standard greeting when someone answers the phone. I used to use it a lot in my house growing up, when all my grandparents’ friends would call. The funny thing is, my grandma of all people was the one who didn’t get the joke.

Again, I will say the place is TINY. They had like 6 tables. We almost didn’t fit in their dining room! And the food was delicious. While they do offer fresh sushi, they also have some cooked items like tempura, and some fusion items. The place, although small, seemed fairly busy, so it was good we were able to make a reservation. This apparently was one of Amanda’s favorite places to eat, and I would also reccommend it!

Check out some of the reasons this place is so delicious:

They called this a "pizza" but it was more like puff pastry with stuff on it...

Kumamoto favorite!

Sushi-Sashimi Combo - it's so pretty!

Chirashi - also so beautiful! Look at the colors!

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura - I love how they stack it in a little pyramid

Sashimi Deluxe - the only thing that bothered me about this was the random pieces of Krab (yes with a K)

My plate of a la carte nigiri - featuring ikura! My favorite!

How beautiful are these scallop nigiri?

Mo C Mo C
14 S. Tulane St.
Princeton, NJ 08542
(609) 688-8788
Mo C Mo C on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Mo C Mo C – Princeton Day 2.3

  1. Makoto Yamasaki says:

    I consider chirashi a pretty good indicator of the philosophy of a sushi restaurant, because you can arrange it so it includes lots of rice and not so much “topping” but still looks good. That of course is the antithesis of what a diner would prefer. This is the first time I can recall thinking that they should have included a little more rice.

    • Hot Pink Manolos says:

      That’s good to know! It looked lovely and full and you wanted more rice, so they’re not stingy with the protein…I like that!

  2. KT @ KT's Refinishing School says:

    Ahh all of that food looks amazing! I LOVE sushi and this makes me craze some really bad :)

    Shrimp and Krab sashimi or nigri is cheap and cheating if you ask me! I hate it when you order a platter and one of your 6 or 8 or however many items is one of those two things!

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