So the same day as the “Penis Story” Theresa and Loretta had to take the truck down to the Downtown Art Walk. Since I got to go home, and they were hungry I offered to bring them food. Since the truck was gonna be near Little Tokyo they thought that Japanese food sounded pretty good.

I ran and grabbed D and then we went down to Oomasa and picked them up a couple of dinners to go. This place is perfectly authentic. Almost everyone there is Japanese and creates a nice atmosphere. I got them both the dinner special with tempura, beef teriyaki and salad. It also comes with rice and soup and some otskemono. They told me later that they really enjoyed it and it was quite delicious.

After dropping off their food, D and I decided we were pretty hungry ourselves so we decided to swing back and get some food too. We were both craving sushi, and I ordered the Nigiri Sushi-A which is 10 pieces of assorted nigiri sushi. It was the best sushi I’d had in a while. Clean and fresh tasting, it was delicious.

D ordered the Rainbow Roll as he is a little less adventurous when it comes to sushi. But I had a piece and it was excellent as far as california rolls go:

We also ordered a couple orders of mackerel nigiri since it’s a favorite of both of us, and it was also VERY good.

The service was friendly and efficient. My water was always full and the food comes out very quickly.

I’m delighted to say that stopping by this place is worthwhile. Especially since some of the other places nearby look a little more sketchy – especially the one next to the store that smells like pot.

Oomasa on Urbanspoon

100 Japanese Vlg Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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