Birthday at Torafuku

My sister’s birthday was last Friday so for her birthday the family got together for a dinner out and of course cake! So we all headed over to Santa Monica to this restaurant Torafuku which my grandma and sister and I really like. It’s a Japanese place known for their rice which they prepare over a wood fire instead of cooking it on a gas stove or in an electric cooker. I am told it is called kamado. (Of course it could mean something else, but the bad little Japanese girl never learned to speak the language so, I couldn’t tell you for sure!)

Here’s a view of the place from the street…

They have valet parking in the front but we parked in the mall parking that’s adjacent to the restaurant.

The menu is printed in both Japanese and English which is pretty cool. Moderately pricey, but for what you’re paying, you get A LOT of food. We were all very full when we left.

All of us except my grandparents ordered under the cateogory of the Torafuku Dinner Sets. Each set comes with the following which came out first:

It’s got a spinachy salad thing, some fresh yummy sashimi, and some really delicious, high quality homemade tofu. Amazing.

So I ordered the set with the braised kurobuta pork. (I’m told kurobuta means “black” and that kurobuta porks is supposed to be especially good) The braising sauce was sweet, and the pork was so tender it almost melted in your mouth. It also came with veggies and an egg. Delicious.

When the main part of the sets come, they also come with this sort of potato salad thing, which is really good, the rice, and some otsukemono. All the sets also come with miso soup. ALL of us complained that the soup wasn’t hot enough. It was sort of bordering on lukewarm, but I think that’s the only complaint anyone had all night.
Here’s the braised pork:

My dad and uncle both ordered the Torafuku set with the grilled mackerel. I didn’t try it but they both said it was really good!

My sister ordered the breaded assortment set. Tonkatsu, croquette, and shrimp…also delicious!

My uncle’s girlfriend ordered the assorted tempura set, which she seemed to really like.

Both of my grandparents ordered the Omakase set which is less food, since they don’t eat much now that they are getting older. An assortment of yummies:

Overall I rate this place pretty high. I never say no to Japanese food since I grew up on it, so it’s kind of my comfort food. But this is really high quality and well prepared. Fabulous.

And of course, it being Amanda’s birthday, there was cake. From Amandine. And if you haven’t heard how much I love Amandine, check out my review. My grandma ordered her the strawberry shortcake and had them do a personalization which they just place a piece of chocolate on top.

Happy Birthday, Sasster!

PS my sister writes fanfiction – yeah huge nerd in a fabulous way, and you can find her at lady_flamewing

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