Crawfish and Beer!

So the Thursday after I got sick, I had promised Erica if I was feeling better, I would make up the dinner date with her, since I canceled it having been in the hospital. Erica’s from New Orleans (for simplicity’s sake) and she is a good southern girl who LOVES her crawfish. But she’s been out here for quite some time now, and hasn’t had crawfish in several years. She was really missing it. I on the other hand am lame Angeleno and have never eaten crawfish. Anyway she’d been talking about it for WEEKS, and she was starting to make ME crave it! So she decided we were going to hunt down an authentic tasting crawfish joint.

Erica got online and did some heavy duty research style and her southern belle senses got to tingling when she discovered The Boiling Crab in Alhambra. She decided this was the place we HAD to check out as it sounded the most authentic. I was skeptical that there would be an authentic southern crawfish joint in the middle of Alhambra, but I also figured I wouldn’t know the difference.

I was also instructed to by beer, as we HAD to have Erica’s favorite beer ad pre-game before we got there as this was the only proper way to do crawfish. So Erica did some research on that too. The only place she was able to find her beer was at the BevMo! near where I am on Arroyo in Pasadena. Apparently the one in the valley closer to her doesn’t carry this kind and you can’t find it anywhere else around here except in those type of specialty stores. BevMo! it is. I’d never heard of it, but I was commanded not to touch it until she got there. She said I would be amazed.

Amazed I was, as it’s not really beer, but cider, and I could see why she like it so much. If you guys want to try it, find Woodchuck Amber. Woodchuck does some other cider flavors, like raspberry and peach, but I have yet to try them. But this was delicious. It was sweet as ciders usually are, but not SUPER sweet, and nice and refreshing. I was still feeling kind of ill, so I couldn’t finish a whole one, but Erica had three! Haha! I could definitely see how this would be perfect to cut the spice of a crawfish boil.

Erica, D, and I finally head down to the restaurant and when we get there the place is PACKED. Now, keep in mind the place is not that big to begin with, but there was an HOUR wait when we got there. On a Thursday evening. When we finally get a table, they throw some bibs on us (despite my protests that I don’t BELIEVE in bibs – not fabulous) and Erica orders for the three of us. She figures five lbs of crawfish should be good, and she orders the “whole shebang” of spice, and as HOT as possible. The server gal first looks at Erica crazy about ordering 5lbs, bless her soul, and Erica indicates, she knows what she’s talking about as she’s from New Orleans and can probably eat about 3 or 4 lbs by herself. Then the gal taking our order then warns us that the extra spicy is REALLY spicy and Erica comes back with some comment about how nothing in Los Angeles is ever spicy when people say that (I kind of agree – think it’s the Mexican in me), but what’s that phrase….famous last words?

Yeah, they bring us the bag and it was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten. (Proabably not entirely true, but as you guys know I’m prone to hyperbole.) It was SO good. And SPICY! Even Erica was like, “Wow, we probably would’ve been okay the next step down on the heat!” And being our southern expert, she approved on taste and preparation and ambiance. My mouth was burning and it was messy (although not bib messy….grrrrr) but I thought it was amazing! We powered through that, and ended up ordering 3 more lbs of crawfish and Erica also ordered some fried catfish. We weren’t even done with our food and were already talking about our next trip back.

As far as price, this can get a little pricey. They charge market price, by the pound, and as crawfish season is pretty much over, it’s probably a little MORE expensive right now than during crawfish season. Plus I’m sure have their crawfish shipped in live and they are probably charging to cover that too. But if you’re in the mood for crawfish and a good time, this is worth it. I will absolutely, MOST DEFINITELY, be back!


Ambiance – fun! Kind of beach shack-y

Got our Bibs on! Me, D and Erica

I’m smiling but do you see the pain in my eyes at having to wear a bib??

It’s here! It’s here!

Delicious and Spicy:

For the whole album (although I think most of the pics are here) Click here

Boiling Crab on Urbanspoon

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