Bottlerock LA

So you know what’s fabulous? Meeting other fabulous people. So last Saturday (the 16th) I was on Twitter and saw that the Uncouth Gourmands had posted about an impromptu meetup. I’ve read their blog and I’ve been following them on Twitter and they seemed pretty fabulous. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the first part of their night since I had another obligation (They were doing a dinner lab) but they seemed down to meet up afterwards at Bottlerock.

Bottlerock is a wine bar that has what seems like a pretty happening location in Culver City. Unfortunately, I feel like the downtown location was kind of a flop. Josie had wanted to check it out since it had just opened, and I’m always down for new places, so Lorie and I trekked it to downtown a little early figuring we would grab something to eat while we were there and waiting for Josie and Carina to finish dinner and meet us.

When we first got there, we weren’t even sure we were in the right place, because it was empty. You would think an opening weekend would be fairly busy, but they were dead. Then we walked in, and the woman who greeted us looked at us like we were crazy. We took a seat at the nearest table and we ordered a couple glasses of the wines that were on the list for the night. Lorie had a glass of the Angeline Pinot Noir and I had a glass of the Frank Family Chardonnay. Both were pretty good, but it would be disappointing of a wine bar if they weren’t good.

We were starving and were told the kitchen would be closing soon. Josie had texted saying they were running later than originally planned, so Lorie decided we should just go ahead and order. We looked over the small menu and Lorie decided on the top sirloin, and I ordered the pork belly risotto.

The top sirloin was fine as far as a cut of meat, but it was tasteless. Even with the sauces on the plate, it was only mediocre. The corn salad was disappointing. The presentation was nice, though?

The pork belly risotto sounded good in theory. Risotto with pork belly prepared 3 ways. Sounds good right? A good risotto is creamy and smooth. The risotto in this dish was kind of…juicy. It wasn’t that thick creamy texture, just kind of…juicy. The pork belly wasn’t terrible. But the weirdest thing about the dish is that it tasted like Pho. With the garnish, it made it kind of seem that that’s what they were going for? But I’m not sure…weird. I think the point is, if I wanted to eat Pho, I would eat Pho. Ya know?

When Carina and Josie showed up, the server had just realized that he had made a mistake on our bill and over charged us for something. So he offered us two free glasses of wine. Not bad for service! Especially places that focus primarily on alcohol. So Lorie and I offered those free glasses to the UGs, since we were still working on ours. Josie ordered some nuts, and Carina commented that the pecans were soggy (eww?). Josie didn’t like the fact that the logo was cheesily printed on the wine glasses. I pointed out that I had noticed they had a “fill to” line printed on the glass. (Lorie had thought it was just a scratch!) We all agreed that was REALLY lame.

Hanging out with the girls was fab. They were both interesting, smart, and funny. We got to know them a little and how they got started with their blog. Josie was creepily (like akward turtle creepily) hit on by the server who kept like invading her space and weirdly touching her. And was weirdly creepy while taking the following picture with Carina’s camera (which I totally gacked from their page). And then we all laughed and bonded over the fact that we all “akward turtle.”

After we finished up, the UG girls were ready to keep going. Unfortunately, while we would have loved to continue hanging out, Lorie had been going all day and was exhausted, as had I, and additionally I had to be up early to go to my little cousin’s first communion out in Montebello, so we decided to pack it in.

The company of the girls made what could have been a mediocre dining experience much better, but I am definitely not in any rush to head back to Bottlerock any time soon.

AN: You can follow the UGs on twitter @UncouthGourmand and check out their take on BottleRock here

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