Dots Cupcakes

Lemme preface this by saying I love cupcakes. I’ve ALWAYS loved cupcakes. Even before the cupcake craze, before the Sprinkles trend, all of it. I have a lifelong love of cupcakes. It’s the thing I buy at bake sales, it was the best part of birthdays as a kid.

I think it stems from my love of things that are mini. For example I collect airplane sized bottles of liquor. I collect homies. I really like shot glasses. I LIKE CUPCAKES.

That being said, I’m also picky about cupcakes. I hate Sprinkles. And when people would ask me about them, when I was working at the Le Pain Quotidien across the street, I would tell them my honest opinion. I think they are overly marketed, over priced, over cooked, and over frosted. Really. They are just over. A trend spurred by Oprah.

They really aren’t that good. They’re dry and the frosting is gross. I know I’m probably gonna have a lot of haters tell me otherwise, but this is my opinion. You’re entitled to your own. I think I make a better cupcake. That’s all. And if I’m going to consume a cupcake, I’d prefer it to be one of my own.

BUT when I’m in the mood to buy cupcakes…I head to Dots. Their original location is on Arroyo in Pasadena. They JUST opened up a new one in Old Town. And they are DELICIOUS. I think they put some crack in their cupcakes or something because they are just so damn good. And I can never have just one. They rotate their flavor and always have interesting flavors like tiramisu or apple pie. Oh! And they’re pretty. I love a pretty cupcake.

If you’re in Pasadena, I definitely suggest you check them out. The Arroyo location is easy to miss, so keep an eye out for it. You can park in the hotel parking next door.

I give them 5 out of 5 Manolos on the fabulous scale.

Got a cupcake craving last week. Headed to Dots with D. This is what we got. One of each kind!!

Me tweeting about eating Dots in the car…

Dots Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

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